Communication process | 8 stages of communication process

Communication process | 8 stages of communication process


What is communication process?

Let us know in simple language what is communication process? and 8 stages of the communication process

 Communication process means the process when information is exchanged between more than one medium, in which the information received is called the receiver and the sender is called the sender and this medium of exchanging information is called the medium. Information is exchanged mainly through oral, written or gesture

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communication process definition

Let us understand in detail what is the definition communication process.

Communication begins when the sender has a message to communicate with someone else known as the receiver. 

The information to be transferred to the receiver must be interpreted, or known as ham decoding. The process of answering is known as reaction.

When we tell your thing to others, we comman that thing or we make something public. Telling what is left in our mind to spread it means that we call it communication.

This process has been divided or broken step by step, to understand it better, what are the things, what factors are included and what chart is formed, then we get to know what is the communication process .

▪ If we break this process then we get all these components.

communication changes over time.

Whether human or animal, all communicate with their expressions and voice, humans have also made continuous progress in the methods of communication over time, first letters were sent for communication, then fax, then pagers came in which only message Communication used to be done through phone, then came phones in which one could talk to a person sitting far away from a place.

8 stages of  communication process

Communication is a major part of our life, let us know about the 8 stages of the communication process and how we adopt the process of communication in common life, exchanging information through data, language, pictures, etc. is done

    • 1. Sender
    • 2. Receiver
    • 3. Message
    • 4. Channel
    • 5. Feedback
    • 6. Encoding
    • 7. Decoding
    • 8. Noise

Communication process with diagram
8 Stage of communication process


1. Sender

The sender of the communicator who generates the messages and transmits them to the receiver. He is the source and the communication he initiates is called the sender.

2. Receiver.

He is the person who is standing or finishing last in the series and for whom the message was sent by the sender.

Once the receiver receives the message and understands it in proper receptive and according to the massage. Only then the purpose of communication is successful.

3. Massage.

It is thought or information, visual, fact, emotion, etc., generated by the sender and then intended to be communicated for further.

4. Channel.

 This is the method of communication process in which an encoded message is transmitted. The message can be delivered in any medium whether it is oral or whether it can be transmitted in written form etc.

5. Feedback.

Once the receiver has confirmed to the sender that he has received the message, it is understood be that the communication process is complete.

6. Encoding.

This step consists of  converting the idea or messages into symbols pictures or action for transmission.

7. Decoding.

In this step the message received is decoded to understand it. The message received is analysed and interpret so that it is correctly understand.

8. Noise.

It refers to any abstraction that is caused by the sender,message or receiver during the process of communication.

  • For example telephone connections, faulty encoding,faulty decoding, inattentive receiver,poor understanding of massages,etc.

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    Feedback in communication process

    Information or comment about something that you have done which tells you how good or bad it is

    Feedback refresh to the response or reaction of the receiver to the sender message. Feedback is the essence of communication and it is final step of the communication process without feedback from the receiver communication process is incomplete this feedback may be simple oral and write message or an action or simply silence.

    Importance of feedback

    ▪ Feedback help to achieve  goal of the communication

    ▪ Problem solving and decision making

    ▪ To exchange Idea and opinion 

    ▪ Create better understanding between sender and receiver

    ▪ Sender can easily evaluate the receiver attitude

    ▪ Feedback is the final component and one of the important factor is the process of communication

    ▪ The sender need response of the  receiver in order to decide effectiveness of communication

    ▪ Feedback can be negative or positive

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             [ Conclusion ]

    Friends, I hope that you have liked this article of mine very much about 8 stages of communication process and with the help of this article, you must have understood in full detail about all the things for which you came to our website. In this article, we have tried very hard to explain to you about the communication process and have also told it in the simplest language. 

    I hope that by reading this article wholeheartedly till the end, you must have understood everything about a stage of communication process.

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