verbal communication define with advantage | What are the 4 Types of verbal communication ? |

verbal communication define with advantage | What are the 4 Types of verbal communication ?

Hello friends, I am Abhinav Rajput today we will talk in this topic that we define what is verbal communication and What are the 4 Types of verbal communication ? what will be the benefit of knowing it, let's start without delay.

Verbal communication

What is verbal communication?

Verbal communication is communication through a spoken or written words. verbal
communication is made by a spoken words through face-to-face or through electrical device such as phone, teleconferencing etc another words. the communication in which the similar or the the communicator uses words to transmit the message to the receiver is called verbal communication.

What are the 4 Types of verbal communication ?

There are 4 types of verbal communication.

  1. Interpersonal communication.
  2. Written communication.
  3. Small group communication.
  4. Public communication.

1. Interpersonal communication.

This form of communication takes place between two individuals and thus there is one-on-one patronage and it can be formal or informal. We call it interpersonal communication

2. written communication.

This form of communication involves writing words. It can be later,circular, reports,manuals, SMS,social media,contacts etc. it is it can be between two or more people.

Advantage of written communication.

  • Suitable for lengthy messages.
  • Written proof.
  • Clear messages.
  • Time saving.
  • Presence of both parties not necessary.
  • True & effective.

Limitation of written communication.

  • Unfit for uneducated person.
  • Lack of seceracy.
  • Wastage of time.
  • Delayed feedback.

3. small group communication.

This type of communication takes place when there are more than two peoples invalid. Each participant it can interact and Converse with the rest.

4. public communication.

This type of communication occurs when a large gathering at a person's address is called public communication. And in this communication there is no set place

5. Oral communication.

The combination of interpersonal communication and small group communication and public communication is a a oral communication.

Advantage of oral communication.

  • Quickness in exchanging ideas.
  • Quick feedback.
  • Flexibility.
  • Economic.
  • Personal touch.
  • Removal of misunderstanding.

Limitations of oral communication.

  • Unit for length message.
  • Presence of both parties are necessary.
  • No Lack of written proof.
  • Unfit for policy matters.

Advantage of verbal communication.

It is an easy way of communication in which you can exchange ideas by saying what you want and what you will do and get a quick response. Verbal communication also enables you to change your conversation according to the response of the other person and this allows us to change your conversation easily.

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Disadvantage of verbal  communication.

Since verbal communication depends on written or spoken,words sometimes the meaning can be confusing and difficult to understand if the right words are not used.

Mastering verbal communication.

Most people tend  get nervous while speaking in front a large group,or even while. Speaking to their teachers,managers or supervisors however if you focus on the point given in table you can enhance and master you verbal communication skills.

(i) think before you speak.

  • Think about your topic.
  • Think about the most effective way to make your listeners understand the topic.
  • Write down or note down whatever you plan to say so that you are comfortable speaking and do not have trouble while speaking.

(ii) concise and clear.

  • Speak clearly loudly and a moderate speed.
  • Be sure and clear and right the informations you want to share is to the point.
  • Do not repeat the same sentences and same line.

(iii) confidence and body language.

  • Be confident.
  • Maintain eye contact, stand straight and be attentive.


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