what is mutual fund definition? | what are the type of mutual fund

what is mutual fund definition? |what are the type of mutual fund

Mutual Fund

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What is Mutual Fund definition?
what are the type of mutual fund
Mutual funds SIP | SIP sahi hai
Mutual funds investment plans
Mutual fund sahi hai

what is mutual fund definition?

Mutual Fund is made up of two words Mutual and Fund Mutual definition Common and Fund means Capital, thus Mutual Fund definition Common Fund Mutual Fund is a fund in which a lot of people collect money.

It is known that this collectorate fund is AUM or asset under management of that mutual fund and that collector fund is invested in the best possible place by export to get maximum returns, there are export professionals 

We are also called fund managers, where to invest the money collected in mutual funds and when to invest, all the decisions are made by the fund manager because they have knowledge and experience of many years. That's why many people are saying Mutual fund sahi haii

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what are the type of mutual fund

1. Equity mutual Fund 

Equity mutual fund means that mutual fund that invests in the stock market. When you invest in equity mutual fund, you become a shareholder of the company you have invested in the financier institution and the reason for the increase in the share price. 

Since you have a good equity mutual fund in the last 20 years in equity mutual funds, returns in equity mutual funds are higher, hence the returns in this mutual fund are also higher and the returns of the nom at 12 to 15 percent have given to your investor 

Some Equity Mutual Funds that have given an Enum Return of 20% You can invest an investor in an Equity Mutual Fund with more than 500 and an Equity Mutual Fund's portfolio consists of 40 to 50 companies, that's why when you invest.

So your money will be diversified in these 50 companies, due to the diversion of money, the ricks are reduced, so if you recharge well and invest in equity mutual funds, then you will get better returns. Can get

1. Large cap Fund

Funds that invest in large-cap companies are called large-cap funds.Those companies whose market capitation is above 1 lakh crores, we call them large cap companies, large cap companies are large and well established companies with very strong market presence, almost all large companies are market leaders in their respective sectors.

 Large cap company has good financial strength to serve in bad time, hence large cap company has less ricks. Its exams are Reliance Industries, TCS, Hindustan Unilever, Infosys, all of this is large cap company first. Only successes have touched the sky, so there is growth potential in large cap company.

2. Mid cap fund

A mid mutual cap fund is a fund that invests in a mid cap company, we call it a mid cap mutual fund. Mid cap company is a company whose market capitalization is between 5 thousand crores to 1 lakh crores, we call it mid cap company.

 Mid cap company has high growth potential but spread rate is also high, so mid cap company also has ricks.

3. Small cap fund

A small cap mutual fund is a mutual fund that invests in a fund of a small cap company. We call it a small cap mutual fund

A small cap company is a company whose market capitalization is less than 5 thousand crores, we call it a small cap company. 

Growth potential is higher in a cap company, but the spread rate is also high, so the small cap company also has higher ricks.

4. Sector Fund

Sector Fund means the fund that invests in a company of a specific sector. Its exams are Reliance Media n Entertainment Fund or a Sector Fund which invests only in the sectors related to Media and Entertainment, SBI Pharma Fund which is only Pharma. 

Invest in a company linked to itself. This is a good fund for investing mutual funds.

5.  Diversified equity fund

Diversified Equity Fund means the fund that invests in different market capitalization companies of different centers, this fund has a low Ricks because the money is invested in this fund in different place. 

Even if a company is performing poorly, then only the company does not have to depend on it and the company's performance gets all the money.

6. Dividend yield found

Dividend yield funds invest in companies that are stable, safe, conservative and low volatile and offer good regular dividends. 

This type of mutual fund has low ricks, so if you want to invest, then this mutual fund is a good option for you. It is possible

7. ELSS (equity linked savings schemes)

This mutual fund scheme is a tax saver mutual fund scheme. What you invest in ELSS is locked for 3 years. 

ELSS then for less than 3 years time period you cannot invest in ELSS scheme under sector 80c. Income tax can be exempted up to one and a half lakh

2. Debt mutual fund 

A debt fund is a fund that refers to fund debt instruments such as inventories, bonds, certificates of deposits, etc. Invest in them, it is called a debt fund. 

Debt funds have lower ricks than equity funds, but the returns are also low and if you want to use the ricks, then this mutual fund can be a good option for you.

Type of debt found

1. Gilt fund

Debt funds that invest only in government securities, we call them Gilt Funds, Government Securities Government does this, which is why it is Ricks Zero.

2. Junk Bond schemes

Jung Bond Scheme As the name itself suggests, the default risk is higher in Kachra Jung Bond Scheme but we also get a lot of interest which we invest in debt found war bonds, we call it Jung Bond Scheme

3. Fixed maturity plans

Pix maturity plans have a special pretty fine maturity like a bank fixed Fixed maturity plans are usually certificate of deposit, commercial papers, corporate bonds etc. 

Invest in these returns of fixed maturity plans are higher than bank FDs

4. Liquid schemes

A liquid fund is a debt fund that invests in money market instruments. The money market consists of financial institutions through which a company takes loans from investors for short term.

 Liquid funds invest in money market instruments with very short tom maturity such as That certificates of deposits, treasury bills, commercial papers, term deposits etc. 

Liquid funds offer higher returns than a savings account. Ricks are also very less and are less volatile, so a liquid fund is a good mutual fund.

3. Hybrid mutual funds or balance funds 

Hybrid funds mean those funds that invest in more than one asset classes. Hybrid funds consist of debt and equity. Hybrid funds have moderate risk and moderate returns. 

Hybrid mutual funds are less than debt mutual funds so it has Returns are also low. This is a good mutual fund for those people who want to take less of Ricks.

  • Hybrid MF is an investment fund that diversify among two or more asset classes .
  • Hybrid MF typically invest in a mix  of stocks and bonds.
  Type of hybrid fund

1. Monthly income plan

Most of the MIPs are invested in 60 to 90 gate instruments and the rest are invested in equities.

 Most of the dead students are invested in MIPs, so MIPs are safe from equity mutual funds, MIP mutual funds also have MIP. Less than equity

2. Balanced fund  

A person from 65% to 85%  of a balance fund invests in an equity fund and the rest invests in a debt fund. 

Equity helps the balance fund to bring good returns and the same debt helps to reduce the ricks of the balance fund.

3. Arbitrage  fund 

If the price of a stock is different in the cash market and in the derivative market, then by earning arbitrage, profit is generated from that difference. Arbitrage Fund invests in more than 65% Potion Equity.

 Arbitrage fund I waste my money event Returns can be less but the returns of the Arbitrage fund are generally between 6% to 10% percent Arbitrage fund is taxed as equity fund for taxation.

4. Money market fund

This fund invest in short term fixed income securities such as government Bonds, treasury bills,  acceptance, commercial paper and certificates of deposit they are generally a safer but with a longer potential return than other types of mutual funds.

Whai is Mutual fund SIP |SIP sahi hai

SIP means Systematic Investment Plan Under this investment plan, you can deposit monthly quarterly or early money under SIP, you can deposit any amount from minimum of ₹ 500 to maximum. 

There is a good thing in SIP that if To save less money from your income, you can still invest by investing a little money. That's why SIP sahi hai

Mutual funds investment plans |mutual fund best return

Large cap Mutual fund recommendation |

1. HDFC Sensex plan
2. Icici Prudential bluechip fund 

Multi cap Mutual fund recommendation

1. PPFAS Mutual Fund
2. INVESCO Mutual Fund
3. Kotak standard multicap fund 

Midcap fund recommendation

1. DSP midcap fund 
2. Axis midcap fund 

Small cap Mutual Fund recommendation

1. Axis Mutual Fund
2. SBI smallcap fund 

Mutual fund sahi hai

 Mutual fund sahi hai because when investing in this fund, our money is diversified into the shares of different company by exports and fund managers, which reduces the risk of sinking money and investing in mutual funds.that's why Mutual fund sahi hai. 

 But we also get good returns, so if you do not have much knowledge about the stock market, then you should invest in mutual funds, hence mutual funds sahi hai to invest

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