non verbal communication defineis | 7 types of nonverbal communication

non verbal communication defineis| 7 types of nonverbal communication? 

Nonverbal communication
Nonverbal communication 

Nonverbal communication  defineis .

Non-verbal communication is a communication that is wordless. And in this communication, through gestures, postures, expressions, body language etc. we interact with each other in this communication.

is nonverbal communication Important

Verbal and non-available communication play an important role in how people interact with each other and are using about 35% verbal communications and 65% nonverbal communications in daily life. Nonverbal communication makes the conversation concise and concise.  You can save time and use it as a tool to communicate with people who do not understand it as your language.

7 types of nonverbal communication?

basically 7 types of non verbal communication.

(1) kinesics. ( Body language )

(2) Haptic. ( Touch )

(3) proxemics . ( Space distancing )

(4) para language( Vocalist )

(5) Silence.

(6) Artifacts. 

(7) chronemics.

1. Kinesics.

  • kinesics is the name given to the study of body movements and the like. We can talk to each other or understand other's things in its help.
  • My study in which some body movements and gestures survey the eyes for non-verbal communication. And we can talk to each other.
  • Body movements and gestures regarded as a form of of non-verbal communication.

2. Haptics.

  • Divided iron Greek word haptikos meaning   " ABLE TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH "
  • Torch is at the core of personal experience.
  • 01 the live senses, touch is the most proficient the only one capable of simultaneous input and output.


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 3. proximity.

Proximity type of nonverbal communication. It is a study of how we communicate with the place around us so that we do not have any trouble.This includes how we arrange personal space and what was in it. So that whenever we talk, we do not have trouble.

4. Para language.

  •  the vehicle but nonverbal dimension of a speech it has to do with the manner in which you say something rather than what you.
 1.  Rate: speed at which you speak.

 2.  Volume: loudness or quantities of                        vocal speech.

 3.  Pitch: the Highness or loan of vocal                      tone.

           Paralanguage includes.

  • Facial expression.
  • Tone of voice.
  • Gestures.
  • Eye contact.
  • Spatial arrangement.
  • Patterns of touch.
  • Expressive movement.
  • Silence.

5. Silence.

It is a powerful tool of nonverbal communication it can have different meaning at different places, depending on the situation.

6. Artifacts.

It is related to the appearance of people how they dress what luxury they carry etc.

7. Chronemics.

  • Chromemics is the study of the means by which humans communicate. They can communicate through anything.
              to their use of time.
  • We attempt to control time trying to use it more effectively good timing is very crucial  and you should rehearses a formal presentation until it is a little underline because staying with in time limits is make of courtesy and professionalization.

             Time ( chronemics )

Chronemics the study of person's use of time help us to understand how people perceive and structure time and their dialogues and relationships with others.

  • The duration is related to how long we allot for a particular or important event.
  • Is associated with punctuality. Or relationship with time.
  •  Activity is some what chronometric value.

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