What is digital marketing is | digital marketing what is | Types and Advantages of digital marketing

What is digital marketing |digital marketing what is

What is digital marketing is

digital marketing what is

Digital marketing is a part of marketing in digital marketing through internet, computer, electronic device, etc. and digital marketing. Through which any company, by marketing its product, can reach its target customer in a very short time, which we also called online digital marketing.

About digital marketing.

When a company makes your business or your product lunch then marketing it to reach a lot of people. 

Marketing means to connect with the customer at the right place and at the right time, and in today's era, you have to connect with customers at the place where they spend all their time and that place is the internet. 

People are using internet and their number is increasing every day. Whether it is a big company or a small company, everyone is using internet or they can use digital marketing to do their marketing.

The way a company pramote the advertisement of your product through big posters, banner, pamphlet, etc. In the same way online marketing can also be done with digital marketing. 

The purpose of both offline marketing or online marketing is to reach as many people as possible, in offline marketing, you have to spend more money in advertising the product, but digital marketing can reach people all over the world at a very low cost with online marketing.  

Types of digital marketing.

There are basically 7 types of digital marketing. 

1. SEO.  ( Search Engine Optimisation)

2. SEM.  ( search engine marketing )

3. SMO.  ( social media Optimisation )

4. PPC.   ( pay per click )

5. SMM. ( social media marketing )

6. Email marketing.

7. Influencer and affiliate marketing.

Advantages of digital marketing.

some points of advantages of digital marketing.

  • Entry resistance is low.
  • Measurable & Real time.
  • High return on investment.( ROI )
  • It's a 24X7 marketing approach.
  •  Global customer reach.
  • Precise targeting.

What is a digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy is basically a plan of action to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Why digital marketing is important ?

digital marketing is the simple means of reaching the planet by digital technicians. 

When there was no smart phone, then people used to use TV, newspaper, magazine, etc., then in all these places, countless companies used to advertise by promoting the product and people saw those advertisements and bought those products in the market. 

Used to bring taxes and use that product. But in this era of smartphones, most of the people or young people of the country spend most of their time in places like facebook, tweeter, whatsapp, etc. 

Now people watch videos from youtube instead of TV, read online blogs in place of newspapers and listen to songs from different aap instead of radio. 

This is the reason that the company is now advertising in a digital way and promotes in the same places where most internet users are found.

 Through digital marketing, the company helps in bringing your product to more planets, earlier people used to go to the market to make the same choice and purchase, now in the shortest time, people can sit at home and shop for their favorite items through the internet. 

Let's take it. Digital marketing is not only benefiting the planets, but also the businessmen are getting a lot of benefit in doing business because with this they are able to connect to more planets in a short time due to which their product sales are increasing rapidly. 

The demand of digital marketing is getting more and more in the present time because digital marketing has more benefit in lower cost.

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