What is marketing is| function of marketing.

What is marketing is.

What is marketing is

To know marketing, we first need to know the market. So let's know what the market is. Without delay. 

What is market?

A market is a good social agreement that allows sellers and buyers to find information and make voluntary exchanges of goods or services.

In economics, the term market is used to refer to the aggregate demands for commodity and conditions and forces which determine prices.

In management on the other hand market is described as the institution that performs the marketing function and acts as the intermediary between buyers and sellers.

What is marketing?

Marketing is concerned with fake demand in the market. And marketing is a business process and by which products are marketed or currently matched and through which the transfer of ownership is effected.
Thus marketing is getting the right goods and services to the right people, at the right time, in the right place, with the right communication and publicity. And all similar services are available in the market.

Functions of marketing:-

  • Gathering and lasers market in promotion:- This function helps the market to identify the needs of the customer, market research become the basis of product development and to conduct market research the market performs SWOT analyses.
  • Market planning:- After marketing research is conducted or marketed, the market needs to plan the steps necessary to achieve the marketing objectives under or under the marketing plan. 
  • Product designing and development:-  How do you pack the product so that its packing logo looks good and people take it? The planning part includes decisions and what the is the quality of standards used in the product should be, what size of products, or design will be used, what The type of packing, how many models, and how you can make better than the competitors' product, etc.
  • Standardisation and Garding:-  standardisation means maintaining quality standards to achieve unformity in the product.Guarding means classifying the product on some bases:-the basis of classification can be size, quality, etc.
  • Packaging and labelling:- packing refers to designing of packets, wrappers cartoons, etc are used to pack the product lebelling refers to informative part of packing through label important information is given to customer

  • Branding:- Branding means given a special name of the product companies may decide to sell the product in companies name or decide a special brand name for their products.
  • Customer support services:- It relates to developing customer support service such as handling customer complaints after sales services, Maintenance Services, customer information, Technical Services, etc.
  • Pricing of product:- price means the money which a customer base to pay to buy a product or service.
  • Promotion and selling:- For marketer performs various functions such as advertising, sales, promotion, personal selling, publicity etc.
  • Transportation:- And not necessarily the goods or products you have consumed in some places, where they are generated to cover the place, whereby the market uses different modes of transport to transfer goods to different corners of the country. Can go And these are available in all places.

What is marketing mix?

Marketing mix is the combination of tools techniques used activities which marketer used at the right place, right time, and at the the right price to reach their target audience.

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