10 Passive income ideas 2021 | passive income ideas

10 Passive income ideas 2021 

Friends, we will know in this post what are such methods? By which we can earn money even while sleeping. In this article you will get to know 10 passive income ideas, these are all 10 passive income ideas! This article will tell about the most popular 10 passive income ideas of 2021

Many people have this question in their mind! How nice it would be if there was a way to earn money while sleeping in the world! So let us tell you that there are many ways to earn money while sleeping! And today we will know in this article how to earn money while sleeping, which are the passive income ideas  2021, by implementing which you can earn money while sleeping.



        [ Table of context ]

  • What is passive income
  • 1. T-Shirt printing
  • 2. Sale clickbank course
  • 3. Vending / gaming machine
  • 4. Sale photo online
  • 5. Affiliate marketing
  • 6. Selling your e-book
  • 7. middleman in freelancing
  • 8. Create online course
  • 9. Sell stock videos 
  • 10. blogging

What is passive income 

Passive income is another way to earn money! From where money comes only when you are sitting at your home or celebrating holidays! 

If a man does a job! So the man has to make him work every day! How does one get that person accordingly! You will get money the day you work! You will not get money on the day you do not work. We call this an active income source. 

But this does not happen in passive income, in this, once you work, active income keeps coming for life! 

If you want to generate passive income! So passive income ideas 2021 : How to make money while sleeping Complete this article!

10 passive income ideas 2021

1. T-Shirt printing

If you want, T-Shirt printing can be a good passive income source

Nowadays everyone likes to wear t-shirt of their own mind whether it is the color of t-shirt Or print of t-shirt in such a way that if you start the business of T shirt printing then you can earn a lot of money.

You can always earn passive income by investing a little in it

For this you need t-shirt You have to buy a printing machine and do a little marketing and if you hire a person for printing then you can earn passive income sitting at home 

 2. Clickbank funnel

 friends course on clickbank site are sold! And if you have a lot of flowers on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube! So you can earn  income passive idea

All you have from this to do is to create your sale account on clickbank site! After that share the link of the course on your social media account. And as people will click on that link and buy the course from clickbank, in the same way you will continue to get some percentage money from that course and there is an advantage in this! That in this you get a commission of up to 70!

3. VENDING / GAMEING machine 

By partnering with your city restaurant, salon, you can earn good passive income by installing VENDING or GAMING machine 

This idea just buy you a VENDING or GAMING machine And put it in the restaurants or salons of your city

 and the people who come and the people waiting will play the game by investing money on your VENDING or GAMING machine! And you will get money! 

 The good thing in this is that due to this machine being automatic, you will not have to work in it! And money will keep coming sitting at your home! 

The world's great investor Warren Buffett started his life like this! 

 4. Sale photo online

If you love taking photos and you are always taking photos then you can earn more passive income by sending your captured photos online

Taken photos can be sold on many websites such as shutter stock, istock, gettyimage.in, you can sell your photo on websites like these 

 Just your photo should be in HD quality because if it will be in HD quality then people will see you Would love to buy photos and thus you can earn a lot of passive income by selling photos 

5. Affiliate marketing 

affiliate marketing Let us tell you that affiliate marketing means that if you sell the products of a website! So you are given some percent commission for selling the product 

 There are many websites on the Internet that run their affiliate program such as Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart etc. You can be a part of and sell their products

 For this you have to open your affiliate account on these websites and share their product link on your social media account and if you click on your link within 24 hours. If someone buys products inside, then you will be given some commission according to that product

 If you have more following on social media then you can easily earn 1 lakh to 10 lakh rupees a month from affiliate marketing

6. Selling your E-book

 If you are expert in any skill, then you can earn passive income by sending your E-book

 You just have to give your experience about that skill in your E-book, Tips and tricks to share in E-book and love E-book and put it on Amazon Kindle and whenever people buy E-book made by you - then you will keep earning passive income

7. Middleman in freelancing

Friends Freelancing is an active income source but we can create a passive income source

 After creating an account on a freelancing site like fiver/upwork or freelancer, reduce your task to a small freelancer. You can earn good passive income by doing it in money and keeping the rest of the money yourself! 

8. Creating online courses

 If you know any such skill which can explain people well whether it is on any topic like fitness, music , poetry , painting, dancing, meditation etc. you can create course on any topic On sites like online udemy, clickbank, you can sell your course and earn good passive income

9. Sale stock video online

Friends, you must have watched small video clips on YouTube or TV channel, do you know that people like us put this video, if you know how to make good videos, then you can earn good passive income from it 

 For this you will need a camera or mobile phone, after that you can shoot video and sell your video on sites like shutterstock, pixabay, istockphoto.com and videos on YouTube like TV channel, newspaper. The creators will buy your video, although the money will keep coming in your bank account

10. Blogging

If you like to write something creative! So by working for some time you can earn good passive income from blogging!

 Just for that you have to create your blogging account on blogger and buy a domain! You have to write more articles and when you will write 25 to 30 articles on your blog and your blog account is also 1 month old, then you can send your blog to Google AdSense for monetization and when your blog from Google AdSense If approved, you can earn money by running ads on your blog

You have to write regular articles in the beginning and when there is more article on your blog and good traffic starts coming then you have done very well passively can earn income

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