What is AutoCAD||About autoCAD

What is AutoCAD||About autoCAD

Friends, through today's article, we are going to know what is autoCAD and About autoCAD, so let's start the article.

What is AutoCAD||About AutoCAD

what is autoCAD?

AutoCAD is an application software developed by Autodesk, Inc. Developed by Its full name is Auto Computer Aided Design. In this way, it is used for designing and in this we are also given different designs, with the help of which our work becomes even easier. 

Apart from this, we can also make more new designs in this. Also in this we have been given both 2D and 3D options for drafting. Nowadays it is used in big companies like Engineers, Graphic Designers, Architectures etc. And all of them design according to their own and it is also used for the design of buildings. Due to which it has become very popular now and it is also easy to use.

Where is autoCAD used?

AutoCAD can be used as an architecture planning tool. In this, the basic layout is already maintained. It provides a better user interface. AutoCAD is also used by engineers as a drawing tool. This helps in making 2D and 3D drawings.

AutoCAD software can be used extensively in civil mechanical and electrical systems. Through this program, engineers can analyze their design well and it also helps in solving any problem. This helps a lot in making the design accurate. AutoCAD can also be used as a tool for graphic design. AutoCAD can also be used to create very complex designs, such as jewelry designs, toy designs, etc.

History of autoCAD.

AutoCAD is a technical term, do you know that it is derived from a program. This program was started in 1977. In 1989, a program called Interact CAD was released. Earlier it was known as Micro CAD in Autodesk document. AutoCAD became available in the market from 1982.

 It was first developed for personal computers. Wheels used to make this CAD system. That is, it is already there from Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Windows. In the 1970s, commercial programs used mainframe computers or minicomputers. The user worked on a separate graphic terminal. 

Before that, the designers used to make drawings using school drafting squares only. But after the arrival of AutoCAD, there was a lot of help in making new drawings and then calculating it. It started happening quickly in a very short time. Do you know that AutoCAD was first released by a company called Autodesk and it was founded in 1982 by John Walker. 

He worked with 5 of his company's founders on five different automation applications. He expressed the hope that one of these applications would work in the market, and out of five automation applications, one AutoCAD program was very successful. He launched it during the COMDEX trade show in Las Vegas. It was the world's first CAD program to run on a personal computer. 

Within the next 4 years, AutoCAD software became the most widely used application in the field of designing worldwide. Since then it has remained a popular drafting application till date. There is also every possibility that its demand will continue in the coming times as well. Since 1982 till date 31 versions of it have been made. Its innovative new features are being used in almost all areas related to design. The software supports APIs, due to which it also allows customization and optimization. 

This is the reason why it has started being used in many fields, such as – AutoCAD Architecture, Electronic, Civil etc. Do you know that in the last few years, Autodesk has also created many cloud based and mobile applications, including AutoCAD 360, Fusion 360, A360, etc. The special thing is that in this, the design documents can be shared with others using the Internet. can also be done.

Benefits of using AutoCAD.

  • lack of mistakes:-AutoCAD works on the dynamic principle of software engineering model, in which design and product are made very quickly. It is made digitally so there is always a possibility to improve it.

  • Saving time and money:- Due to the user friendly interface, AutoCAD does its work very fast. Due to which a lot of time is saved in the design work. Along with this, the software also gives the option of modification in it, due to which any change can be done easily in a very short time. It works like a skilled programmer. This saves both time and money and the chances of making mistakes are greatly reduced.

  • Easy to transfer data:- Through AutoCAD, Architect Engineer can easily share files of his designs with many people. In this it is a bit difficult to share large files without spending data. But through web software, the designs designed on the internet can be easily shared with other designers without any data loss.

  • Easy to Control:- AutoCAD supports data scanning feature. With the help of this technology, the quantity of materials and its cost can be calculated easily. This makes it much easier to manage the production and post-production processes.

  • Useful in manufacturing:- AutoCAD generates manufacturing data such as model sizes, product component drawings, dimensions, etc. This helps a lot in creating the database and managing its data.

you can choose Career after learning AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is most commonly used in drafters and other professions. Especially those who do design and construction work. Initially AutoCAD was created for the use of mechanical engineers. But in a very short time it started being used in almost every field. Today AutoCAD has become very popular. It is mostly used by architects, project managers, animators, engineers, etc. in the design profession.



Hope you liked my article on what is AutoCAD and About autoCAD. And you must have understood many things about AutoCAD. If you know more than this or you must have faced any difficulty in reading this article, then you can feel free to ask us questions in the comment box and we will definitely try to answer your questions. If you liked this article, then tell me by commenting.

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